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    中文版   ENGLISH
    Ruilong ceramics ambition
    Ruilong ceramics  had  come  from a  small   factory  in  the  early  1980s. It  engaged in high, middle-grade quality ceramic   products .It  is suitable for our  modern family and hotel and so on .After 20  years of  manage efforts, Ruilong ceramics  has  developed into a company moving towards international marker now.With high quality productions,we  won the praise from global customers.
    Tel:+86-768-6871818 / Fax:+86-768-6892818 / Add:Fengyi Development Zone,Fengxi,Chaozhou,Guangdong,China
    ? Copyright 1993 Chaozhou Ruilong Ceramics Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved        Keywords:daily ceramics coffee cups and saucers craft daily ceramics